Looking for an established Asian-European based sourcing team ? We have been sourcing products for the largest retailers in the world since over 5 years in China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, UK, Germany, French, Spain and North European Country.
5 years of Experience sourcing in Asia and Europe
We have collected over 2500 suppliers and contacts in all kind of industries and product categories
Custom sourcing tailored to your unique business needs

Made in Ciaonihao


Sourcing Packages

Learn more about our process and what we can do for you.
Standard Sourcing
Have a product that’s already in the market but can’t find a suitable supplier that you trust? Want to find out if a product is actually feasible? Choose the basic-rate option to get to know what we can do for you and if you want to take it from there this is the best option for you. We’ll deliver 3 supplier options in this package. Check it Now!
Development Service
Have a product or design in mind & don’t know where to start? Send us your idea and we’ll find the right supplier as well as product costs and feasability evalutation. We’ll deliver 1 customized quotation including all your requirements and two reference quotes of similar items in the market.   Check it Now!
Full Sourcing Service
Need help with the entire process from placing the order, get manufacturing done, have an inspection and ship the product directly from China to your doorstep or directly to a fulfilment centre? Then this package is for you. We’ll take care of the entire project for you and keep you informed every step of the way!   Check it Now!
Nicolo Leocata
Nicolo Leocata


After finishing his Master in Management at the Australia Institute of Business , Nicolo moved to Taiwan to start a sourcing company that caters to the needs of importers & exporters. Realizing that Sourcing & QC were still highly traditional industries, Nicolo decided to take a tech driven approach to sourcing systems and processes. By observing and adopting practices from tech companies, Nicolo is bringing the Sourcing industry into the 21st century.

Francesco Emiro
Francesco Emiro


A committed "Asian Lifer," Francesco works to bridge the Eastern and Western divide with his generalist skillset and technological know-how. At Ciaonihao, he puts this mission to work by ensuring that the work of the sourcing team is coordinated, analyzing data to see where improvements can be made in our systems and processes, and ensuring Ciaonihao is always expanding its overall capabilities and efficiency. After finishing his Bachelor in International Business from the University La Trobe in Melbourne, Francesco arrived in Taiwan in 2011, working in various roles and becoming fluent in Chinese.

Jack Monder
Jack Monder

Manager Department of International Business

Jack has long been a reliable expert in managing sourcing & inspection projects, as he has over 15 years’ experience in the foreign trade industry. Highly experienced, adaptive, determined, and detail oriented, Jack is in his element with even the most challenging sourcing projects. His clients have also found Jack to be very easy to communicate with.

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