Our team have been based in Taipei over 5 years. We also have local Chinese speaking staff that communicates with the factories in Mandarin Chinese and for Europe, all our core staff is european. We have collected thousands of suppliers and contacts in all kind of industries and product categories over the years. These suppliers are usually well known and quality suppliers that manufacturer for important retailers . These are suppliers and manufacturers that we trust because:
  1. We have worked with them for many years
  2. We know their processes and manufacturing standards
  3. They have proven to be supportive when problems arise
No. That would defeat our purpose and anyone could do that. While some of our suppliers are obviously on Alibaba or in case European supplier they have presence in some internet platform, we don’t source on Online Platform. Not because we don’t believe in online BtB Platform but because we have the right suppliers already. Which we either found trough working in Asia and Europe for 5 years, met at exhibitions in person or got referred to them by other factories.
It is always difficult to enter an existing relationship between a customer and a supplier. Often the expectations cannot be met due to the pre-existing conditions between the two of you.
Unfortunately not. We’ve learned in the past that expectations from customers are too high and their knowledge of the manufacturing part in China is limited. Often times customers expect a 20-30% decrease of prices because we’ve entered negotiations. These percentages are unrealistic and unachievable.
Of course we work in your interest, not the factories interest. So we try our very best to meet your target prices and beyond. Sometimes depending on your requirements prices may be a little bit higher than what you would find on Internet. However we pride ourselves not in finding the cheapest supplier. We pride ourselves in finding the most suitable fit and supplier for you that can meet all your demands and requirements.
We try our best to find the right supplier for you, meaning we FOCUS on the best fit for your product and personal requirements. Sometimes these can be trading companies who work closely with the actual factory. And very often the trading company has better prices than the actual factory. This could be due to the following reasons:
  1. The factory itself does not have an export license
  2. The trading company is the exclusive agent for export
  3. The trading company has a long history with the factory and is the only one getting the best prices
Of course we have the benefit of being in the same time zone with the factories, therefore we probably get results for you much faster.   However you shouldn’t hire us just so that you can slice a day off the process. You should hire us because we look at your inquiry in detail and follow up meticulously and make sure your demands are met. Most importantly we want to find a suitable supplier for you. So there’s no point in rushing results for you if the supplier is not suitable for you in the end. So sometimes our results will take up to 9 days, but assured we have the right supplier for you.
Many suppliers on Alibaba offer low prices on the site itself to get your attention. Often these prices are based on very high order quantities and do not include any certification, packaging or other requirements. Furthermore, suppliers often treat private individuals different then professional sourcing companies. We will check certificate validity, relevance and we WILL find mistakes and follow up issues even after shipment that they would not expect private individuals to know/to do. Hence prices offered on Alibaba are often click bait offers and in most cases you’ll be ending up with much higher prices than if we would inquire with the suppliers in the first case. The prices that you’ll receive from us are based on your exact inquiry including certifications & all other requirements that you gave us.
  1. No. The prices you receive from us are transparent and the same prices that the suppliers would give you. We charge our upfront fee and thats it. Since we also give you the suppliers contacts you can check with them yourself. We have worked with them for many years
  2. We know their processes and manufacturing standards
  3. They have proven to be supportive when problems arise
No. For re-orders of the same item we will provide discounts.
Yes of course.  We can simply consolidate your samples from different suppliers and send them bundled to you but if you wish we can also check the samples in-depth with a detailed report from us before sending them out. This way we can avoid extra costs to you and filter out samples that do not meet your standards.
We check and reply emails on weekends but our office staff does not. This is also due to the fact that most factories sales reps do not work on weekends. In urgent cases you can reach out to us via email: info@ciaonihao.com Our regular office hours are: Monday - Friday from 9AM – 6.30PM
We’ve helped customers in the past however we decided to discontinue this service. Reason being is that you will end up paying more than paying directly to the supplier. Here’s an example: Assumed product costs: 5000$ Transfer Fee to our Hong Kong bank account: 3% Transfer Fee from our account to suppliers account: 3% If via PayPal, extra 6% fees on both sides. So you might be ending up paying 12% more than if you would transfer directly to the supplier.
In some cases suppliers are on holidays, are busy preparing for exhibitions and more. In cases as these please send us the communication and we’ll sort you out. Please also always state that you have sourced trough us when you first contact suppliers.
While we take care of the entire process for you; external costs such as inspections, sample sending, photography & logistics is not included. However we will offer you our trusted service partners who we've worked with for years that have a lot of experience.